Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum

by M. Ferguson

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Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum by Marvin Ferguson is a strange little album that wouldn’t be made without the glorious works of stealing audio from other sources and glueing it back together to make something new.
Perhaps glue-ing with glue was to radical, as Mister Ferguson used this time his spit and a few pack of shock chewing gum!

The first track is for example gummed up with a legendary track of the musician who made being a ‘loser’ popular. I’m not sure if Beck would appreciate Marvin sticking gums everywhere, but actually to be honest I don’t really care. And neither does Marvin Ferguson’s gum!

‘As though he was not human’ is the second collage on this record. This time mixing an intensive speech to an electronic minimal groove. It instantly brought me back to the early years when house music supplied a house anthem where some (i guess) black preacher held a magnificent preach about that the house of god is my/your/our house. This was delivered on a old school house track that certainly impressed me enough to forget the creator, the title and where I heard these sounds for the first time. But trust me, it was pretty good!

After these early retro feelings of pure house history, Marvin makes us giggle with ‘Ricky’s Bologna Habit’. It has a fun beat, lots of audio take outs brilliantly gummed together to make an plunder phonic swing rock track. It made me dance, laugh and mostly made me feel just as good as Ricky’s himself!

‘The Case of Jimmy Barnes’ recycles the early mischievous propaganda of the anti gay agenda. The ones who had put out this original warning video managed to confuse homosexuality with pedophilia. Or perhaps not confused it but significantly melted these two things together for the awkward message of penetrating fear into the parents of young boys for the lurking danger of the homosexual. That someone ever put money in and gave the green light to produce such crap things is to me until this day a complete mystery, but lucky for us nowadays we can laugh about the stupidity of it all. And thanks to Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum by Marvin Ferguson we can enjoy this piece of ‘history’ in a new coat of insanity!

Isn’t it amazing? What is? Well track five! It is technically, unbelievable amazing that it is called ‘Amazing!’. But seriously, this is some hilarious, unbelievable, hilarious unbelievable stuff going on. Especially when hearing this technically, unbelievable, hilarious, unbelievable things Marvin technically, unbelievable has filled a whole track with. It’s just so amazing that I can only say that this is a technically unbelievable hilarious work that is just amazing… and unbelievable.. If you think your reviewer just lost it, than listen to this track and think again..

After the amazing-ness, Marvin Ferguson has used his gum mixed with spit to make a weird track called ‘My Friends & Your Friends’. I feel slightly disorientated when listening to this piece. There is lots of gum, children being annoying, samples, lose electro glimpses, a girl talking about a calculator and earpieces, some drunken hilly-billy. It makes me feel like I’m inside a bottle of absinthe. That could be considered a good or a bad thing, it depends on your own character i guess.

The ‘Stairway to Gum’ is layers of sticky gum, television shows, radio shows, unknown spelling shows and reversed guitars all stacked together with lots of Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum!
Gum? oh yes! six packs of it!

<KN> (Review From Yeah I know It Sucks, June 1st, 2013)


released January 1, 2012

Marvin Ferguson




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Marvin Ferguson California

I like pancakes. I think animals are better than people. I write punk, new wave and electronic music on a Korg 16 track workstation sequencer and, recently, protools. I studied music production at Mesa Community College. I have been experimenting with sound collages lately. I am interested in urban mythology and paranormal subjects. I think most bands should be replaced with computers and robots. ... more

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Track Name: Gum
Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum